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Updates on 30th Nov
Sunday, November 30, 2008

2Cians gathering- Jas's Wedding Invitation & Geok's Bday Celebration

The Birthday Girl in the Middle!

My parents' birthday celebration on e same day!

Vicky & I

My SIM Lovelies

Yi Lin & Vicky

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Jun's Wedding
Friday, July 18, 2008

Taken quite some time.. Celebrating Jun's Wedding! Being together for 7 years since sec 3, they finally tied the knot on 2nd June 2008. Happy Wedding! Wish 2 of u xin fu mei man!

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my grandma passed away...
Friday, July 11, 2008

My beloved grandma passed away on 28th June 2008. She left behind her 4 sons,2 daughters,1 god daughter and 12 grandchildren. She was 73 when she departed the world. She will be a great-grandma in 1 month's time but she couldnt wait till then...

My grandma was suffering from liver cancer for 4 years. Her condition worsen this year. Her cancer cells spread to her bone, her brain. she lost her appetite. She lost weight. She couldnt walk because she had no strength. She was bed-ridden. She was sad. A week before she passed away, she ask " Why is this happening to her?"

On 28th June, my aunt called at 8am. She said "Ah ma kuai yao bu xing le." I panicked. I cried. I brushed my teeth quickly. I was out in 5mins. I dint know why I was able to do so fast as I usually take at least 30mins to be ready.My mom, my brother & me rushed down to Bishan to see her. But, we were too late. When we saw the cold body of hers, i broke into tears. My ah-ma was a sociable person. She loves to chat. But, what was in front of me was her body. She could no longer talk to me again. She could no longer nag at me again. She's gone...

The 5 days funeral was at my block void deck. It hurts esp on the last day. The route to Choa Chu Kang Cemetary seem so difficult. We cried as we walked a distance out from my place. She has left us.

Ah Ma, rest in peace. Thanks for taking good care of us. Your love & care will always be remembered deep in my heart. I love you.

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FLP Link
Thursday, July 10, 2008

hey wanting,
this is the link you wanted.. =)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

nominated to write an article for my co.
teaching my frd,ANgela, hw to remove make-up using the Aloe Remover
She gotten for herself a set of Sonya Aloe Make-up. its good cux its pharmaceutically certified! safer than e brands outside which are only cosmetically certified. contains aloe vera,e only mkup tt contains aloe vera.gentle on e skin. the powder is finer than wat's on the market! yep!


We organise a Make-over session in my office a few weeks ago! These are some of the samples! well-taken, arent they?
Wencong with his family (exclude 2 twin sisters)
Me in my fu gui look. haha.
Credited another award from my company.

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